TruFire Synapse Release Silver

Thumb release featuring precision milled internal components, adjustable trigger travel, adjustable trigger pressure, weighted brass handle, aluminum anodized cover and components, multi position thumb peg and cord loop.
Regular price $224.99

Tru Ball Scout Releasebone Collector Velcro Large

Designed for hunters who want their release to be out of the way until the shot. Features the Assassin caliper head with a web strap connector that can be adjusted to any length. Pull the trigger to open jaws and release it to close them.
Regular price $51.19

Tru Ball Assassin Releasebone Collector Buckle Large

Deadly silent and accurate compact caliper release with drop-away solid rod globo-swivel connection. Features easy draw length adjustment and spring loaded jaws for easy loading. Bone Collector version is made from 6061 aircraft aluminum with stainless steel jaws and trigger.
Regular price $82.99

Tru Ball The Beast 2 Releasebone Collector Buckle Large

All the features of the Short-N-Sweet series, but with a solid Globo-Swivel connector and the choice of a 3 oz. or 11 oz. trigger spring for the ultimate in adjustability. Quick load open hook design allows the hunter to hook up to the string loop without taking their eyes off the game. The Beast...
Regular price $82.99

TRU Ball Shooter Release Purple Buckle Junior

Designed specifically with youth shooters in mind. Features bright color combinations and compact release head. Simply pull the trigger to open jaws and release to close. Quick lock connection system provides easy length adjustment for any shooter.
Regular price $38.59

TRU Ball Short-N-Sweet'R S1 Release Black Buckle Large

This index finger release features a lighter and smaller tubular shaped body, a featherlight non collapsing trigger, quick loading open hook design, cinch strap micro adjustable web strap connector. Straight forward trigger.
Regular price $77.31

TRU Ball Fang Release Black Buckle Large

Ergonomically designed hook style release featuring a rubber insert in the trigger for improved feel. Separate adjustments for trigger travel and adjustment allow for a customized setting. Forward trigger, swept back trigger, and varied weight trigger springs are included.
Regular price $74.06

30-06 Mustang Compact Release Camo Web

Caliper release with camo buckle strap and adjustable length web connector. Features swivel head design.
Regular price $26.38

TRU Ball Bandit Release Black Velcro Large

Caliper release with rope connection system covered in weather resistant flexible tubing designed to make your release ready in hunting situations. Quick Lock connection system provides easy length adjustment for any archer. Jaws open when trigger is pressed and close when it is released.
Regular price $38.59

Spot Hogg Friday Night Delight Release 3 Finger

Designed with the hunter in mind and packed with features. The compact handle is smooth contoured for a perfect fit in a wide variety of hands and the micro adjustable trigger allows you to set this trigger as hot as you want without the fear of a misfire. The open jaw design allows for quick and...
Regular price $124.99

Allen Compact Caliper Release Black

Index finger release with padded, adjustable strap for small to medium sized wrists. Rotating caliper head prevents string torque.
Regular price $24.37

Scott Ascent Micro Release 3 Finger Large

The Ascent has an aggressive design that delivers comfort and confidence at full draw. Micro adjustments to travel and click distance deliver performance custom built for you. Features a dual sear locking design, thumb peg, stainless steel bracket and an ergonomic, heavyweight stainless steel han...
Regular price $204.99