SA Sports Antelope Recurve Bow Set 15 lb. RH-LH

Great entry level bow for the older kids. 15lb draw weight with a max draw length of 28". Fiberglass limbs with molded comfort grip. Package includes: hip quiver, target arrows, finger tab, armguard and target face. 51"overall length. Ambidextrous.
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October Mountain Explorer 2.0 Recurve Bow 54 in. 20 lbs. RH

Intermediate level recreational recurve bow offer increased shootability and improved performance. Features a take-down design for easy storage and slim grip riser. Equipped with bushings for sight, plunger, and stabilizer.
Regular price $98.59

Easton Youth Recurve Bow Kit Black 10-20 lbs. 26 in. RH-LH

Beginner recurve bow is perfect for aspiring archers. Bow features ambidextrous design for right or left hand use with built in sight pin rail. Bow length: 52”, Draw Weight: 10-20 lb, Max Draw Length: 26”. Package includes beginner bow, (3) 28” XX75 1816 arrows, hip quiver, arm guard, and finger ...
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October Mountain Strata Longbow 62 In. 35 Lbs. Rh

The Strata is crafted from hand-selected cassia siamea and padauk woods for a custom finish and features black fiberglass limbs with reinforced limb tips. The Strata has been traditionally designed to combine high performance with a smooth draw and is Fast Flight string compatible.Bullet Features...
Regular price $172.99

Sanlida Miracle X8 Recurve Limbs Medium 36 Lbs.

The Miracle2 X8 are primary target recurve limbs. These limbs are a great choice for the archer looking to get into Olympic recurve archery without spending a ton of money. Constructed of double layered maple wood limb and European high quality precision fiberglass.
Regular price $82.99

October Mountain Adventure 2.0 Recurve Bow 68 in. 23 lbs. LH

Recreational take-down recurve bow is ideal for use in schools, clubs, or backyard shooting. Features a slim grip design. Equipped with bushings for sight, plunger, and stabilizer.
Regular price $106.39

October Mountain Passage Recurve Bow Package 54 in 20 lb RH

Ready-to-shoot recurve bow package. Three piece take down bow, ideal for young archers. Includes (1) of each of the following items: Passage take-down recurve, No-spill quiver, universal stringer, arm guard, Two-hole arrow rest, Quick-shot finger savers, and a nock set. The arrow rest, finger sav...
Regular price $134.99

October Mountain Explorer Ce Recurve Bow Blue 54 In. 28 Lbs. Rh

The Explorer CE allows for more personalization with fun color-stained inlays of layered wood. The three piece take down design allows for easy storage. Includes a Dacron string.
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October Mountain Reaper Ilf Recurve Limbs Short 50 Lbs.

The Reaper ILF limbs are compatible with any ILF riser. Weights are established on a 17” riser at 28” draw.
Regular price $110.29

October Mountain Carbon Z Ilf Recurve Riser 15 In. Rh

The Carbon-Z Riser is carved from a premium blend of paduk, hard maple, phenolic, carbon, zebrawood composition that is 3/64" cut past center with a crowned arrow shelf at 15" in length. The Carbon-Z ILF riser provides the same broad range of customization and tune-ability as the Sektor ILF with ...
Regular price $309.19

Fin Finder Bank Runner Recurve Limbs 58 In. 45 Lbs.

Replacement limb set for the Bank Runner Recurve. Limbs fit both right and left hand bows.
Regular price $67.39

Damon Howatt Hibrido Recurve Bow 60 In. 50 Lbs. Rh

The Martin Hibrido is beautifully made with Zebrawood. Riser features a commemorative Gail Martin coin inserted into the riser. Super lightweight and features incredibly durable handmade construction. AMO length: 60”, Brace Height: 6.75”-7.75”, Weight: 1.5 lbs.Features:Made with zebrawoodSuper li...
Regular price $545.00