American Hunter Solar Charger 6v

Converts sunlight into electric power for charging 6 volt rechargeable batteries. Weatherproof, rustproof and corrosive resistant. Fits R-kits, RD-kits and Pro Series kits.Features:Converts sunlight into electric powerFor charging 6 volt rechargeable batteriesWeatherproof, rustproof and corrosive...
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Wildgame Digital Feeder Kit 6 Volt

The Wildgame 6v digital feeder kit features digital electronics, four available feed times, 30 foot 360 degree feed range, powder coated galvanized steel construction, galvanized steel spinner plate, feed time durations from 1 to 30 seconds and a 2” drop funnel. 6v battery not included.Features:D...
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Moultrie Gravity Kit Feeder

The Moultrie Gravity Feeder Kit will attach to any barrel or Moultrie feeder you already own. The Gravity Kit features a reinforced Quicklock adapter for simple twist-on, twist-off installation. With adjustable flow, the Gravity Kit is ideal for feeding corn or protein pellets. Quickly and effici...
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Moultrie Bag Feeder Pine Bark Camo 100 Lb. Capacity

The Moultrie Bag Feeder is a lightweight and compact feeder that is designed for easy transport. The fabric material is water resistant to keep feed dry and the feeder easily rolls up into a compact and easy-to-carry feeder. The Bag Feeder comes in Moultrie’s Pine Bark camo pattern and measures 6...
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Wildgame Treehugger 80 Feeder Trubark Camo

The Treehugger is a low maintenance feeding solution that sets the dinner table all on its own. WGI used long-lasting PVC material to construct a durable gravity feeder that attaches to any tree in under five minutes. Simply loop the integrated straps around a tree trunk and secure with the heavy...
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Moultrie Hanging Directional Feeder 6.5 Gallon

The Directional Feeder offers spinner plate with agitator and exclusive anti-clog technology bring a new level of reliability to multiple feed types. Feeder casts in one direction. Schedule up to six daily feed times with programmable timer. Operates on one 6-volt battery, not included.Features:A...
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American Hunter Hanging Analog Feeder 50 Lb. Capacity

Hanging feeder with 50 lb. capacity, featuring analog clock timer and built in varmint guard. Feeds 1-24 times per day, and has an adjustable feed rate (1-30 seconds). Includes powder coated "No Blow" slinger. Pre-wired for varmint buster and solar panel attachments. Requires 6V battery.Features:...
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Moultrie All In One Hanging Feeder 5 Gal.

Hanging 5 gallon collapsible bucket featuring wind resistant metal spin plate. Includes an all-in-one timer kit. Timer programs up to 4 feed times per day. Customizable run time of 1 to 20 seconds.Features:5 gallon collapsible bucketWind-resistant metal spin plateBuilt-in funnelCustomizable run t...
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Wildgame Quick Set 50 Feeder

Hanging feeder with 50 lb. capacity and approximately 5 minute setup time. Offers a 30 ft. 360 degree feed range. Features a plastic photocell power control unit with dawn and dusk feed times. Operates on 6V battery (not included).Features:Hanging feeder50 lbs. CapacityDawn and dusk feed timesGal...
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Wildgame Quick Set 225 Feeder

Free standing feeder with easy set up in approximately 15 minutes. Features a heavy duty leg kit, durable 30 gallon poly barrel with built in funnel, and digital power control unit with 4 feed times. Operates on 6V battery (not included).Features:Free standing feederEasy setup in 15 minutes30 gal...
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Moultrie Leveling Feeder Leg

Moultrie’s Leveling Feeder Leg is designed to work with square-legged Moultrie tripod feeders. The Leveling Feeder Leg inserts into the downhill feeder leg and can be adjusted in 1” increments to perfectly level the feeder. A special feeder foot features aggressive steel teeth that bite into the ...
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Moultrie Feed Station Ii Hanging Feeder

The Feed Station II has been redesigned with upgraded features to improve feeding and keep operation simple. Holds 50-pound bags and now comes with dual feed ports with integrated rain shields and weep holes to keep feed dry. This gravity-style feeder can be used to feed corn, protein pellets, ri...
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