Flextone Thunder Jake Turkey Decoy

When you challenge the pecking order, it can change the game. Adding a non-threatening decoy like the Thunder Jake can bring in a gobbler to the end of your boots. The upright design of the Thunder Jake tells nearby birds there’s a non-dominant gobbler with the hens. Most times this immediately t...
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Flextone Thunder Chick Decoy Feeding Hen

With a low-head feeding position, and a contented head, body and feather positioning, this decoy keeps other turkeys calm.
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Mojo Tail Chaser Max Decoy

Oversized, removable fan reduces turkey's ability to detect you, Redesigned fan hub that accommodates artificial and real fans, Erect legs to conveniently hold your gun upright on the ground, Realistic gobbler head painted on fan, Extremely portable and folds for easy carry, Beneficial for callin...
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Flextone Thunder Chick Decoy Upright Hen

Designed to look like a hen turkey standing upright. Realistic paint scheme, and high-head position signifies dominance to the gobbler.
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Flambeau Crow Decoy 12 Pk.

Life like hard body crow decoys will attract even the most cautious crows.
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Dave Smith Decoy Feeding Hen Decoy

Crafted of a sprayed, pigmented and ultra durable version of DSD’s exclusive A.C.E. resin, the specialized bodies actually reseal their own surfaces for an entirely worry-free, no-hesitation shooting experience. Lightweight, compact and quiet, these field-proven turkey decoys are equipped with hi...
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Dave Smith Decoy Breeding Pair Decoy

Dave Smith Decoys delivers the Breeding Pair Turkey Decoys, a spicy little couple that will make nearby toms hopping mad. Place the subordinate jake on the motion stake facing toward the rear of the submissive hen and kick back. This lifelike breeding pair ignites a mature tom’s instincts, making...
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Montana Decoy Moose Ii Decoy

Listening to moose hunters and outfitters, at their request this moose hunting decoy has a darker body and a new pose. Folds to a compact size of 23”x13” and pops up to full size in seconds. Light enough to carry on boats or up mountains as you hunt for moose. Realistic HD printed fabric provides...
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Flambeau Master Series Decoy Lone Howler Coyote

Coyote decoy featuring a faux fur tail with wire frame to allow different positioning. Tail also moves in the wind for added realism. Bungee leg system allows the decoy to be easily transported and placed in a sitting, standing, or laying position.
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Hunters Specialties Strut-Lite Feeding Hen Turkey Decoy

Strut-Lite Feeding Hen offers a lightweight, foldable hollow body construction for easy transportation and storage. Flake resistant paint jobs make for extremely realistic decoys that fool even the wisest toms. Relaxed feeding position portrays low level of danger to nearby turkeys. 2 piece groun...
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Flextone Thunder Creeper Decoy Strutter Decoy

Portable, and ultra-realistic paint and body features draw the bird in close. It can be paired with the included turkey fan, or your own real turkey fan.
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Primos Killer B Turkey Decoy

Gobbler decoy with adjustable silk tail fan and updated strutting posture. Made from a flexible material that allows the decoy to be rolled up and carried in your vest. Includes 90 ft. pull line, carrying bag, fan holder, and Ground Breaker decoy stake.Features:Adjustable silk tailFlexible materi...
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