Rocky Mountain Bully Bull Extreme Bugle

The Bully Bull Extreme elk grunt tube creates an even flow of air for back pressure and easier to obtain octave note changes. Designed for use with diaphragm calls. Includes camo cover and lanyard.
Regular price $36.55

Rocky Mountain Bully Bull Extreme Bugle Sitka Subalpine

The Billy Bulle Extreme Grunt tube is designed to be used with a diaphragm call and designed to Create even back pressure airflow and better sound quality. Camo cover and lanyard included.
Regular price $43.75

Rocky Mountain Rogue Bugle Tube

This Bugle Tube is built with the V.E.T.T. system so it contains a spring tuned to the precise dimensions inside the specially made mouth piece. The spring creates more volume, stabilizes higher notes, makes raspier low growls and allows for easier octave changes. The Rogue is less than 18” in ov...
Regular price $36.49

Rocky Mountain Select A Bull Calling System

The Select A Bull features a tone selector which allows the user to simply dial the bull sounds desired, small, medium or large with true back pressure. The expandable outside tube expands to 23” and collapses to 17” for better compaction and ease when carrying. The Tube Tamer produces better sou...
Regular price $45.50

Quaker Boy Weezzy Deer Call

The Weezzy Snort Wheeze Call will reproduce an aggressive call given by a buck challenging the dominance of another buck. This call features a rubber mouth piece and acrylic barrel.
Regular price $13.16

Haydels Magnum Honker Goose Call

Magnum Honker is constructed with double o-rings and newly designed barrels.
Regular price $29.84

Haydels Compensator Speck Call

This call eliminates all the guess work with hand position as the baffle is designed where you can blow straight through the call holding it with only two fingers for the perfect yodel.
Regular price $25.69

Rocky Mountain Voo Doo Elk Call

The Voo Doo cow call was designed to put a spell on the majestic bull elk. With its unique sound board of vented holes and tone quality acrylic barrel, this call will produce realism, accuracy and ease of use in elk call sounds. With its pleading estrus sounds, easy to obtain mews and chirps of b...
Regular price $35.79

Rocky Mountain Black Magic Diaphragm Call

The Black Magic is made on the Golden Tone Plate frame. It is an advanced design that will bugle like a frustrated bull. It also has the capability of producing excellent clarity when making cow mews and chirps.
Regular price $12.40

Duel Widowmaker 1 Cow Elk Call

Freeze free design blows even when wet. Easy to use call produces chirps, mews, and estrus calls.
Regular price $21.55

Duel Morning Blast Bull Elk Calldouble Reed Mouth Call

The Morning Blast is a double reed mouth call with a comfortable fit. Transform your own dual chambers to an elk calling machine with the Morning Blast.
Regular price $14.54

Sawtooth Tormentor Elk Bugle Elk Call

The Tormentor bugle is a heavy duty rubber tube covered in Gulch camo stretched over the tubing. It is a compact elk call that features two distinct sounding mouthpieces to help get cow, spike and any larger bull elk sounds. This product comes with a stretchy lanyard and contains latexFeatures:Tw...
Regular price $54.95